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All-in-one Human Resource

Employee Management, Online Recruitment, Appraisal, Leaves, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Attendance, Organization Management, Loans, Overtime, etc

Employees are one of the most expensive and valuable company resources, but employees are also company assets that need to be managed properly so that employees can work well, effectively and productively. For this reason, companies must have a system that is reliable in managing employees, 

All-in-one Human Resource Package is a complete and reliable solution that we provide to manage human resources in your company or holding.


These are the main features of our Human Resources Management

Powerfull Salary Rules and Salary Structure

All salary rules, both simple and complex can be handled properly

Automatically Calculate PPh 21 and BPJS

PTKP, UMK, PPh21, and BPJS

Multi-Company, Multi-Branch, Multi-Timezone

All data can be managed centrally.

Employee Self Service Easy

with Mobile Apps or Employee Web Portal

Employees can immediately request for leave, overtime, loans,

attendance, view salary slips, etc

Organization Management

Easily manage your company structures, departments, jobs position, job description, standard operating procedure (SOP), standard activity every job position ( can be integrated with Daily Activity )

Integrated with Our ERP Solution

HRM can be integrated with our ERP solution include Finance and Accounting System, Project Management, MRP, CRM, SCM, etc

HRM Modules

Here are the modules of our Human Resources Management


Manage your hiring process. Organize your vacancies and job applications.


Manage your employee's data. Centralize all your HR information. Easily maintain files and information for your employees.


Manage your employee leaves. Keep track of all your employee's vacations.

HR Expenses

Manage your employee's daily expenses like business trip expenses.


Manage payslip for each employee. Payroll is integrated with the Accounting module, where after generating and confirming payslip.


Manage your employee's attendance.

Organization Management

Manage your company structures, departments, jobs position, job description, standard operating procedure (SOP), standard activity.

Self Service

Mobile Apps and Employee Web Portal.


Manage your employee's loans.


Manage your employee's overtime.



Manage your employees contract.

PTKP, UMK, PPh21, and BPJS

Centralize Configure base on the Goverment or Insurance Regulation.


Create Appraisal Plan