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Apotek Sumber Anom
Apotek Sumber Anom Wholesale/Retail
Apotek Sumber Anom is a trusted pharmacy chain that already has six pharmacy branches. The idea of "My Health, My Future" is embodied in the vision of a company that believes clients have control over their health. Since 2015, it has provided a comprehensive range of doctor's medicines, medical devices, traditional medicine, and beauty, as well as doctor's services and consultations.

The implementation of Odoo at Sumber Anom Pharmacy is adjusted to the special pharmacy management. The Batch and Expiry Management module is used to handle special attributes of pharmaceutical products such as medicines and medical devices.
CV. Ayooklik Teknologi Informatika
CV. Ayooklik Teknologi Informatika Distributor
CV. Ayooklik Teknologi Informatika is a supplier and distributor of computer accessories, gaming, electronics, and cellphone accessories. With friendly service and fast response, we would be a solution for those of you who need a variety of computer equipment, wholesale and retail. The implementation of Odoo, which was carried out with Edaptec, included, apart from standard modules for distributor companies, several custom modules specially adapted for computer and accessory distributors.
CV. Berlian Quarrindo
CV. Berlian Quarrindo Mining
CV. Berlian Quarrindo is located in Cilegon, Banten. The company has been engaged in the mining of soil or rock for a long time for project purposes such as landfill material and rock. Odoo's implementation is related to manufacturing modules and custom modules from Edaptec. Edaptec already has more than 150 custom modules that can be adapted to the company's business processes.
CV. Karya Jaya Mandiri Sakti - Precise Shoes
CV. Karya Jaya Mandiri Sakti - Precise Shoes Wholesale/Retail
The sports shoe brand Precise Shoes is Indonesia's flagship product for a variety of modern, lifestyle-oriented products for all people who are young at heart. Precise shoes are a benchmark in today's shoe fashion style, which has various collections such as Gwen, Deron, Hydra, and Kakkoii that, besides having a stylish, elegant design, also have technology such as lightweight shoes that make them very light and power step technology that makes shoes more durable. with more frequent use. In particular, sports sneakers from Precise Shoes will provide increased strength, flexibility, and stability for their users.

CV. Karya Jaya Mandiri Sakti (KJMS) was founded in 1989 and has consistently and continuously developed the PRECISE brand, both in terms of design and marketing, so that it has become one of the best shoe products in Indonesia and, of course, of international quality.

Apart from the Odoo module, which covers sales, purchase, inventory, warehouse, and many others, companies also need custom modules. The scope of the custom module based on the company's needs is:
- Store Management is in this module, where sales per store are specifically inputted by SPG, and input from mobile
- Manage sales targets, which include promotion, daily sales, store evaluation, plan evaluation, and competitor monitoring.
CV. Semangat baru
CV. Semangat baru Distributor
CV. Semangat Baru is a distributor of kitchen appliances and household furniture products. The implementation of Odoo, which was carried out with Edaptec, apart from standard modules for retail companies, also included several custom modules specially adapted for distributors of household furniture and kitchen equipment.
CV. Surya Grain Indonesia
CV. Surya Grain Indonesia Manufacturing
Surya Grain Indonesia was founded in 2009 in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. They specialize in manufacturing corn grits. Processed products are mainly used in the snack food industry, and corn by-product waste is used in the animal feed industry.

Edaptec has been a trusted partner in Odoo implementation. Odoo's implementation is tailored to the company's manufacturing processes. In addition, custom modules specifically for manufacturing, namely spare part management, are used for monitoring and controlling factory machine spare parts, covering purchasing, usage, and inventory.
CV. Surya Mas
CV. Surya Mas Wholesale/Retail
This company is a retailer of stationery and office products. There are thousands of different types of products divided into categories. The implementation of Odoo, which was carried out with Edaptec, included, apart from standard modules for retail companies, several custom modules specially adapted for stationery and office retail businesses.
Hubert Indonesia (HUBERT SANITARY & BATHTUB) Manufacturing
This company is a manufacturer of products from the Hubert Indonesia factory, including shower trays, bathtubs, jacuzzis, water heaters, and other accessories. Hubert Indonesia was founded in 2000 and is already a legal entity. Hubert Indonesia has served customers' requests from all over Indonesia. Hubert's business line is to produce sanitary products, which have been recognized as one of the leading bathtub manufacturers in Indonesia.

Together with Edaptec, they implemented Odoo ERP for all of its business processes. Standard modules for manufacturers and factories are complemented by custom modules adapted to Hubert Indonesia's business processes.
Oase Mining
Oase is a coal mining company located in Jakarta. Apart from holding several subsidiary companies, Oase is serious about having an integrated system that is used by the company to integrate all of the company's resources. The Odoo modules that have been implemented cover Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Fleet Management (used to manage Fleet), HRM, Warehouse, and Inventory. In addition, a custom module specially developed by Edaptec, namely Cash & Bank Management.
PT Cahaya Makmur Sejahtera Polymer
PT Cahaya Makmur Sejahtera Polymer Manufacturing
Cahaya Makmur Sejahtera Polimer is the professional Company from East Java, Indonesia in manufacturing the hot washed PET Flake. The products on offer are as follows: Sorted , crushed, Hot washed PET Flakes, sorted Flakes .
This company operates as a contract manufacturing service under its parent company, SALS Group.
PT Corin Mulia Gemilang
PT Corin Mulia Gemilang Agriculture
PT. Corin Mulia Gemilang commenced operations in 2011, recognizing the underutilization of mechanization in Indonesian agriculture, which resulted in suboptimal productivity and efficiency in terms of yield and time. Seizing the opportunity, we introduced agricultural machinery and equipment (Alsintan) under the brand Maxxi.

In 2013, PT. Corin Mulia Gemilang expanded its ventures into the building materials sector by manufacturing Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete under the FastCon brand and Instant Cement under the FastMortar brand.

Custom modules developed by Edaptec pertain to partner data structures, farmers, and land. The utilization of features for settlements and financial reporting tailored to the internal needs of the company are managed by the Edaptec team.
PT Makmur Jaya Usaha
PT Makmur Jaya Usaha Distributor
Established in 1970, PT. MAKMUR JAYA USAHA has been serving customers with a focus on primary paper products such as duplex coated paper, newsprint, bond paper, and others.
PT Maxxi Agri Indonesia
PT Maxxi Agri Indonesia Agriculture
The impact of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns, which can lead to a surge in pest and disease attacks on cultivated crops, Maxxi Agri introduces the latest agricultural technology such as drone sprayers for the application of our products.

Odoo implementation includes accounting and financial modules, along with several custom modules, to streamline our operations effectively.
PT Sarana Bhakti Timur (Niaga Logistics)
PT Sarana Bhakti Timur (Niaga Logistics) Transportation
PT Sarana Bhakti Timur, better known as Niaga Logistics, is a transportation management service company, especially for FCL and LCL shipments to Eastern Indonesia locations.

The use of Odoo is done in order to provide integration with accounting and financial reports.
PT Tiga Berlian Mandiri (Tiberman)
PT Tiga Berlian Mandiri (Tiberman) Wholesale/Retail
PT. Tiga Berlian Mandiri is an importer of heavy equipment tires of the best quality. As a supplier of imported tires, Tiberman provides a wide selection of tires such as those for trucks, buses, loaders, graders, forklifts, tractors, cranes, reach stackers, compactors, and other heavy equipment.

The implementation of Odoo ERP version 15 Enterprise is carried out to integrate operations and finance. This is one of the company's ways to be effective and efficient.
PT. Airmas Teknologi Grosiria
PT. Airmas Teknologi Grosiria Distributor
In the era of globalization and high mobility, computers are one of the main needs. PT. Airmas Teknologi Grosiria is present as a distributor and importer of computers that sells accessories, networking, laptop spare parts, and hardware from various brands. The implementation of Odoo, which was carried out with Edaptec, included, apart from standard modules for distributor companies, several custom modules specially adapted for computer and accessory distributors.
PT. Anom Surya Pharmindo
PT. Anom Surya Pharmindo Pharmaceutical
PT. Anom Surya Pharmindo is a pharmaceutical wholesaler engaged in the procurement, storage, and distribution of drugs and/or medicinal ingredients in large quantities. Implemented Odoo modules conform to binding rules for PBF.

Edaptec has also created many custom modules that are unique to the pharmaceutical business. Unique attributes for drug storage, as well as pharmacotherapy, are obtained by a separate development process. In addition, printed reports must be adjusted to the standard reports requested by BPOM and the Health Office.
PT. Bimasakti Distribusi Indonesia
PT. Bimasakti Distribusi Indonesia Distributor
PT. Bimasakti Distribution Indonesia, or more commonly known as PT Sinarmas Distribution Nusantara, is a national distributor with 25 years of experience in the FMCG industry in Indonesia. With 26 branches and 100 sub-distributors spread throughout Indonesia, it has served the sales and distribution process of consumer products from well-known FMCG brands to all traditional markets, modern markets, grocery stores, and the food service industry up to 200,000 distribution points.

As the company continues to grow, the Odoo system is a way for companies to become more competitive and efficient. Together with Edaptec, they implemented Odoo ERP for all of its business processes. Standard modules for distribution, which are equipped with custom modules that are more than 150 modules and can be adapted to the business processes of PT. Bimasakti Distribution Indonesia.
PT. Bumi Mapan Abadi
PT. Bumi Mapan Abadi Construction
PT Bumi Mapan Abadi is a subsidiary of Sukses Group. Sukses Group is a property developer with a portfolio of property projects in various cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Gresik, Bali, and other cities. One of the developments undertaken is The City Manado. This area presents a luxurious cluster in the center of Manado City. The City Manado consists of residential areas, warehouses, and shophouses located in close proximity, with complete and luxurious facilities. The City Manado is the best choice for your property development in this modern era.

The company's implementation of Odoo version 15 encompasses the entire Property Management System. Property and Unit Management allows users to store and organize information about properties, including details such as property addresses, unit types, lease terms, rental rates, and occupancy status. It enables efficient tracking and management of individual units or properties within a portfolio.

By using a Property Management System, property managers can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall management of their properties. It simplifies tasks, centralizes data, and provides real-time insights, enabling effective decision-making and delivering better experiences for property owners, tenants, and stakeholders.
PT. Cobas Kaltim Bersaudara
PT. Cobas Kaltim Bersaudara Distributor
PT. Cobas Kaltim Bersaudara is a distributor, reseller, and executor of work for the delivery of electronic goods. Often works with state-owned enterprises and urban services for suppliers of computers and accessories, as well as other electronic equipment. The implementation of Odoo, which was carried out with Edaptec, included, apart from standard modules for distributor companies, several custom modules specially adapted for computer and accessory distributors.

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