Accounting and Finances

A great way to manage your company's finances and accounting

Solutions / Accounting and Finances

The capabilities of this software are very reliable, flexible, and fast. Not only produces fast and accurate financial reports but performs the process in real-time, accurately and consolidates all of the company's accounting.


Manage your customers, invoice, credit notes, receipt, the product can be sold and reportings. 

Features :

  • Send Professional Invoices

  • Monitoring & Controlling Invoice Status

  • Online payment option and get paid faster

  • Sales Team

  • Analytic Account 

  • Manage PPN Keluaran


Manage your vendors, vendor bills, refund, payment, the product can be purchased and reportings.

Features :

  • Monitoring & Controlling Bills Status 

  • Job Cost Center

  • Analytic Account 

  • Manage PPN Masukan

Odoo • Image and Text

Cash and Bank Management

Manage your cash or bank as a receipt from a partner, payment to partner or payment to expenses

Cash In/Out
Bank In/Out
Bilyet Giro / Cheque
Transfer inter cash/bank

  • Document number per payment method

  • One payment can pay for many invoices + Others account

  • BG Register, Clearing, Void, etc

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Journal Entries
Journal Items 
Tax Adjusment


Manage :
Faktur Pajak Masukan
Faktur Pajak Keluaran
Generate CSV - Faktur Pajak Masukan
Generate CSV - Faktur Pajak Keluaran
Generate Nomor Faktur Pajak Keluaran


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