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PT. Bumi Mapan Abadi
PT. Bumi Mapan Abadi Construction
PT Bumi Mapan Abadi is a subsidiary of Sukses Group. Sukses Group is a property developer with a portfolio of property projects in various cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Gresik, Bali, and other cities. One of the developments undertaken is The City Manado. This area presents a luxurious cluster in the center of Manado City. The City Manado consists of residential areas, warehouses, and shophouses located in close proximity, with complete and luxurious facilities. The City Manado is the best choice for your property development in this modern era.

The company's implementation of Odoo version 15 encompasses the entire Property Management System. Property and Unit Management allows users to store and organize information about properties, including details such as property addresses, unit types, lease terms, rental rates, and occupancy status. It enables efficient tracking and management of individual units or properties within a portfolio.

By using a Property Management System, property managers can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall management of their properties. It simplifies tasks, centralizes data, and provides real-time insights, enabling effective decision-making and delivering better experiences for property owners, tenants, and stakeholders.
PT. Heksa Nenggala Indonusa
PT. Heksa Nenggala Indonusa Construction
PT. Heksa Nenggala Indonusa is a holding company engaged in providing construction needs, such as the production and marketing of split and coral stones, providers of transportation rentals (dump trucks), excavators, and port jetties located in various cities in Indonesia.

Since 2010, he has been active as a partner of state-owned and private construction companies such as PT. Waskita Karya, PT. Oki Pulp & Paper Mills, PT. Residential Development, and other construction companies. In 2020, it will further develop to become a public company.

Edaptec, as a partner in implementing Odoo, has handled the sales, purchase, accounting, human resource management (HRM), warehouse, and inventory modules. In addition, the company requires several custom modules. Custom modules made by Edaptec are specifically for assembling industrial components that are tailored to the company's operations. In addition, the cash management module is also required by the company.

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